_Print unit Info – Dealsector Plugin

_Print unit Info – Dealsector Plugin


Stock #: $$itemStockNo$$ Year: $$itemModelYear$$ Manufacturer: $$itemVehicleMake$$
Width: $$itemWidth$$ Length: $$itemLength$$ Weight: $$itemWeight$$
GVWR: $$itemGvwr$$ # Axles: $$itemAxles$$ Axle Lubrication / Type: $$itemAxleLube$$
Status: $$itemStatus$$ Condition: $$itemCondition$$ Category: $$itemCategory$$
MSRP: $$itemMsrp$$ Subtitle: $$itemSubTitle$$ Model: $$itemVehicleModel$$
Mfr Item: $$itemMfrItemNo$$ Color: $$itemColor$$ GAWR: $$itemGawr$$
Store: $$itemStore$$ Brake Type: $$itemBrakeType$$ Suspension: $$itemSuspension$$
Tires: $$itemTires$$ Coupler Type: $$itemCouplerType$$ Coupler Spec: $$itemCouplerDescr$$
Jack(s): $$itemJacks$$ Deck: $$itemDeck$$ Deck Height: $$itemDeckHeight$$
Ramp/Gate: $$itemRampGate$$ Tail: $$itemTail$$    
URL: $$itemURL$$

Price: $$itemPrice$$




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